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Hycote 51WT Primer

Nippon Paint Hycote 51WT is a two component water thinned epoxy primer barrier coating designed as a universal primer coating for many types of substrates.

Recommended Uses:

Nippon Paint Hycote 51WT provides excellent adhesion to the surfaces, such as glazed tiles, glazed brickwork and smooth concrete floor. It is also suitable for use as a barrier / tie coat between water based top coats such as Nippon Paint Momento Special Effect Paint, Nippon Paint Spot-less Matt Emulsion and solvent based top coats, such as Nippon Paint EA-4 Finish or Nippon Paint PU Recoatable Finish.

Highlights of this product include:

  • Allows water based & solvent based top coats, with wide color range & functions, to apply on glazed/smooth surface such as tiles
  • Low Odour
  • Excellent adhesion

Coating System
Type Product Name No. of Coat(s)
Sealer / Primer Hycote 51WT 1 coat
Topcoat Aqua Epoxy / PU Recoatable Finish/ EA4 Finish/ EA9 Finish / Exterior Product / Interior Product / Momento / Hydro Series / 9000 Gloss Finish / Odourlite Gloss & Soft-Matt / Metallic Paint / Acrylic Finish Gloss 2 coats
Application Data
brush, spray, roller
Normally 10% of water thinning is required
Touch Dry / Hard Dry
2 hours / Minimum 8 hours
Recoating Interval
Min. 8 hours (wall), Min. 8 hours (floor)
No. of Coat(s)
1 coats
Theoretical Coverage
13.1 m² per liter per coat (for dry film thickness of 35 um); 11.5 m² per liter per coat (for dry film thickness of 40 um)
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